Catering Details

Catering Details

Hints and Tips

All options may be changed in any way that suits your needs. We are truly here to serve you. Additionally, if you do not see something that you know you want to serve, either for sentimental reasons or to satisfy tradition, we can create it for you.

When deciding on a menu, it is important to note that our formatting is very flexible. It’s your party, so just let us know how you envision the event/menu/bar and we will lend our experience and expertise to plan a most amazing event for you and your guests. Entrees can be offered either on a buffet line or plated per your wishes. It is important to note that all of these can be produced a portion size that works best for your event. You may decide it’s better to serve smaller portions of multiple items in order to please all of your guests. All entrees whether plated or buffet are served with artisan bread and house-blended butter. All menus can be customized to you and your guests likes and needs.

Pick a Theme

This includes colors, menu preferences and the guest list.

Decide a Ballpark Budget

If you have an idea of how much you have to spend on your event, then we can build from there. Keep in mind that food and beverages are just part of the cost.

Request a Tasting

This is something that you should request from any catering company. At Club Soda, we make sure our menu pleases your palette, not ours. When you decide on items in which you may be interested, feel free to have us alter the dish in any way that you wish.

Cash Bar Option

Guests purchase their own beverages. The host is charged nothing beyond the $150 bar set-up charge.

Open Bar Option

Guests may select a beverage of their choice at no charge to them. The hosts’ account will be charged for the amount consumed according to the prices listed.

Cash Bar & Open Bar Combination

The host selects specific beverages and amounts of each beverage that will be charged to their account.
Guests purchase any other beverage that they might want. Labor billing for bartenders is the same amount as all other staff members on a catering event.


Labor is billed at $25 an hour per staff member during the time of your event, with an additional two hours
billed per staff for set-up and tear-down. This includes all members of the catering staff.

China Services

China service varies according to the format of your event, but for a basic dinner service format, the billing
begins at $4 per person. Should you not require all of the china needed to execute a full dinner service,
the price per person will be discounted accordingly based on a per piece price. Alternatively, all pricing on
the previous page includes all necessary plastic service ware to accommodate the items selected.

Third Party Rentals

Any and all third party rentals or costs that are taken care of by Club Soda in the contracting portion of
planning will be passed along to you at cost (examples: linens, flowers, centerpieces, etc.)

Service Charge

Service Charges are applicable to all catering costs less state tax. The service charge covers all of the
back end costs that go into the event aside from the food itself. We do not charge for tastings, walk-
throughs, meetings, floor plans, insurance certificates, vehicle fuel costs, etc. This fee offsets all of these
costs to insure our clients aren’t worrying about asking for help in these areas, as many of our clients have
had, or heard of others’ experience in which they are billed for these things, you will not see that at Club
Soda. The invoice that you approve will be all that you are charged, there are no hidden fees. We like to
insure that the planning process is as easy as possible with nothing to worry about once you have us on
board. This charge is non-negotiable.


All food and non-alcoholic beverages are subject to an Indiana State sales tax of 8%. Again this is non-
negotiable, unless you are a tax exempt organization. If you have been granted tax exempt status by the
state of Indiana, we will need a copy of your state tax exempt form on file prior to your event.


A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a date for any event. It’s a good idea to secure a date
as soon as possible. Head counts will be considered final two weeks prior to your event.
Changes may be made on the positive side up to 72 hours before the start time of your event. Negative
changes will not result in a discounted final invoice.
All menu options must be finalized two weeks prior to the day of your event. This deadline ensures that
Club Soda has ample time to secure the necessary staff and menu items for your event.

Legal Stuff

We will enter into a written agreement with you prior to your catering event. A $100 deposit is required at
the time the agreement is signed along with a credit card guarantee.

Approved Vendor at...

We are proud to be an approved vendor at a variety of esteemed locations. Additionally, we frequently receive approval to serve as a vendor for most requested venues. Here’s a list of places where you can regularly find us:

Catering Inquiry

Interested in having Club Soda cater your next event? For more information contact Curtis at 260.426.3442 or fill out the form below.