About Us

About Us


We are thrilled to see the exciting changes happening in our downtown area, but we understand that the ongoing construction can make parking a bit challenging. To ensure your visit to Club Soda is as seamless and enjoyable as possible, we kindly ask you to refer to the convenient parking map we've provided. This map highlights the best parking spots currently available, carefully selected to minimize any inconvenience caused by the construction. Our aim is to make your journey to us as smooth as your dining experience. We appreciate your patience and support during this transformative period and look forward to serving you with our unique offerings. Remember, a little detour might lead you to great flavors!

Club Soda: 25 Years of Bold Vision and Unforgettable Flavor

Twenty-five years ago, a group of Fort Wayne dreamers decided to invest their money and sweat in hopes of creating a spot in Fort Wayne unlike any that existed. 

Said in humor, “There is nothing good for you here, and that’s the way it should be” was the tag line for Club Soda. Of course, they were right. From the very first day amazing culinary offerings and a lively bar scene were not good, they were great!!

From day one we have provided epicurean treats that can tame anyone's appetite, and we continue to furnish a social experience where everyone from the mail carrier to the mayor can sit shoulder to shoulder and feel at home, nothing pretentious here. Club Soda reignited live music and outdoor dining in a way which had not been experienced by most of the public in Fort Wayne. 


Using a dilapidated building in an area of Fort Wayne which had yet to see "redevelopment" this group had the foresight to envision what Downtown Fort Wayne could be, Years and Years, before it became sheik. Long before big business was granted seed money to invest millions, this group begged, borrowed, and broke out the cookie money to invest hundreds of thousands of their own dollars in a dream. 


Club Soda was one of the forerunners in downtown redevelopment, without there being an initiative to rebuild, which led the way and showed others if you create a venue that people enjoy, and you work your butt off, you do not need to be Southwest or Northeast, or on a lake, to succeed. 


For the last twenty-five years (it took a year to build out the space), we have been actively serving the Fort Wayne market. We have been offered opportunities to move to other locations, both locally and in different cities, and yet we see the Indiana Textile building as our home. 

Serving the people of this community has been our goal from day one, because of the support we have received from the people of this community, we feel it is our obligation to this city and those who truly need a helping hand, to help wherever we can. As a result of that commitment to serving, Club Soda has helped nonprofits raise hundreds of thousands of dollars through private and unique events on their behalf, it is a part of our culture to give back.

Fun Facts about Club soda

Fun Facts about Club soda

Club Soda first opened its doors in 1999, taking over the old Indiana Textile Co. building.

We have the second-most private select bourbon barrels for independent restaurants in Indiana.

Club Soda offers free live music entertainment on Friday, and Saturday nights.

Our team offers catering and assists with planning parties, receptions, rehearsal dinners and business events to name a few.

Ghost Sign: The Indiana Textile Company ad remains very legible on the side of Club Soda. A ghost sign could be characterized as a faded sign painted on the side of an older building.

June 3, 1998
May 16, 1999
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