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Bar Service

It’s not much of a party without a cocktail, or at least a glass of bubbly.
Club Soda is ready to provide your event with the kind of cocktail service that made the restaurant famous.

Take a look, pick your poison, then let us know what you need.
Call Noelle at 260.426.3442 or email and let’s get this party started!


Domestic Kegs:
Bud Lights, Budweiser, Miller Lite, Coors Light, etc.
From $195

Import Kegs:
Heineken, Heineken Light, Newcastle, Bass, Guinness, etc.
From $235

Bottled Beer:
Billed by the case, except in the event that the case is split and not consumed by the end of the event.
From $72


House Pours:
The house pours that we offer in the restaurant are available for your events.
$18 per bottle

From the List:
Anything from our wine list is available. Let us your needs and budget.


This category encompasses all the items that we serve from behind the bar that are not call or premium. We can provide a well version on any alcohol that you may desire.This is our lowest cost liquor category.

$35 per bottle

A step above the well liquor category, this includes all the well-known brands such as Tanqueray, Bacardi, Jack Daniels, Absolute, etc.
$50 per bottle

The best of the best. Knob Creek, Myer’s Grey Goose, Glen Livet, etc.
$70 per bottle

Soft drinks: $1 unlimited per person
Soft drinks & coffee service: $1.50 per person
Soft drinks & gourmet coffee: $1.75 per person